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101 Welfare Boxes Space Design

The client from Shanghai China was looking for a design solution to plan and design the space of the container. 101公益盒子是社区形象及服务提升型产品,旨在驱动居民配合社区治理者进行社区治理,以线上下相结合形式,从情感及习惯方向入手,立体化促进社区治理。


101 Welfare Boxes is a project of a non-profit program in Shanghai. The concept is to provide convenience space for community to rest, play, read, and grab groceries. The model is not regular retail, but build on top of the points/credits. The container space was expected to be multi-functional and creative looking.


Space Visual Designer
Tools Used: Sketchup + AutoCAD + Illustrator
*Technique Drawing was done by freelancer PromoFB.


Space and Visual Designed November 2019
Construction and Opening projected June 2020


Shanghai Public Foundation for Volunteers

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