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House of Sillage Popup Shop Visual Design

House of Sillage is based in Newport Beach, California and products are produced in France and Italy. The brand creates fragrances and cosmetics that transcend the binds of sensory expression, steeped in the craftsmanship and composition of the Perfumers savoir-faire. House of Sillage is dedicated to maintaining and surpassing the true definitions of luxury.


Under the guidance of the draft by the client, the store was designed and rendered with Silver, Black, and White tone. "The House of Sillage holiday boutique windows are decorated with beautiful silver shimmer walls and light boxes that showcase the haute parfumerie and cosmetique offerings. Step inside and be dazzled by the haute joaillerie designed fragrances for women and be wooed by the stylish and sophisticated décor that warmly invites and welcomes all." - South Coast Plaza


Space Visual Design

Popup Launch

Store Opened October, 2018


House of Sillage

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