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KidsTopia Playground Branding

KidsTopia is a large indoor playground created for children, who love explore and have fun. There are multiple levels of play theme, which contains with soft play rides; such as an animal merry-go-round, soft foam slide , ball pit, spring rider s, balloon carnival, building blocks, two wavy water beds and much more.


KidsTopia Playground seeks for creating a fun, vibrant, and playful visual identity to guide the business design. The target clients are parents with young kids (3-12 years old). The logo design has two variations - horizontal and vertical. Depending on the needs - it can be used with or without the smile shape. The version without the smile can be used when the size prevents it from being legible.


Brand Designer

Official Launch

Branding Guide created July 2019
Business Launch Summer 2020


KidsTopia Salt Lake City

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